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Biodiversity-Restore the balance of life.

Biodiversity-Restore the balance of life.

Living things is just like a core material of the Earth. Both Earth and Living organism are interrelated to each other. A little bit of change in the structure and function of this atmosphere may create a massive change in the structure and function of the living organism’s body.
Like in 2019 the major problem that rises is Covid-19. This viral disease became a pandemic and kills lakhs of lives within quick spam. Destroyed the world economy and became an agent of fear among people.

The most important lesson that we learned from this is Natural Balacity or you can say the changes that are done as a symbol of development now becoming the cause of our death. An increase in population and pollution brought out several changes to the natural balancing of the earth. Which changes natural balancing and destroyed biodiversity very often.

So along with the developmental concept, we have to save this cycle also. The future generation of a country and the government also have to take some worthy steps as they are the important pillar of the society. Qualitative and quantitative aspects should have to take to save this natural phenomenon and to keep the Earth as like before where living organisms can live happily.

By celebrating Biodiversity day we can’t change anything, without a proper team, proper execution of such scientific skills, and last, without reaching the ground level we can’t think about an instant change.

As a Human, we are the most intelligent species of this Earth so it is also our duty to think about very seriously.



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