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How to pick a perfect watermelon


In life, it’s all depends upon a decision. One wrong decision can change everything. The same law is also equally applied to food. Good food for Good Health.

Let’s check how you can pick a good watermelon which is the best fruit for the Summer season.
Before choosing the perfect one you have to know about some of its qualities. Like size, color, specific patterns, etc.

Generally, uniform size and heavy watermelons are very sweet. It looks round in shape. Elongated watermelons are watery and tall in shape.
Orange field spot is another way to identify the quality of a watermelon and it is full of flavor.
White field spot on a watermelon says it has very little to no taste.
Smaller webbing pattern present on the watermelon is likely bland whereas Larger webbing makes it sweeter. Dark and dull means it is ripe and ready to eat. A shiny pattern or gray color means it’s not ripe .

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