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Do the Aliens stealing our water?

Do the Aliens stealing our water? – A spectacular, large waterspout was spotted over Lake Moultrie in South Carolina. This massive size waterspout is very rare to see and it went viral on social media. People witnessed this rare phenomenon of nature that caused due to a furious storm.

Do the Aliens stealing our water?

What is a waterspout :

A waterspout is a natural phenomenon whirling column of water and air or a cloud of tiny water droplets.

As per social media users :

Some users say that “Look at the waterspout and how strong it is!”

While some users also say ‘This is not a rare sight, the Aliens stealing our water ”

I was always wondering what it was that the Incy Wincy spider was climbing. However, I’m not any less confused- dendro_touriste’s

But it’s extraordinary or can say rare natural phenomenon that occurred on a sunny afternoon when the wind pressure made it possible. This waterspout can be seen when the temperature is too high and a sudden storm comes.



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