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This Ant can fly in the Sky.Check How they Are Doing This

Do you know about this Flying Ant? 

Ant is known as a tiny teacher. It has a good IQ and its work mechanism is one of the best among insects. So it’s known as a tiny teacher. They also can fly with their wings. The fastest ant in the world could hit 200 meters per second. They are also called Alates.

But here I am going to inform you about an Ant which can fly in the sky! Yes.

In a group of ants, some male ants and Queen ants have wings. In the time of the mating season, they used to fly in the sky by using their wings.

While flying in the skies so the Queen can mate with the male ant and then they can plan for a colony or set up a new nest where they can live.

They can bite or sting you So don’t reach out to them when they are present in mass. The female is larger than the male.

They fly in groups and distracts humans many times. In monsoon time they start flying from the ground and mostly in the evening time.

Some people also take them as food. People collect these ants and fry them to use them as a portion of delicious food.

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