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Health Benefits of Mint


Health Benefits of Mint

Mint leaves are a good source of Antioxidants and contain Vitamin A , Vitamin C and also B complex.


It also has some phytonutrients , Phosphorus and some antibacterial properties.


Mint is enriched with iron, potassium and manganese which helps to improve your haemoglobin levels.
promotes brain function.


It acts as an antispasmodic remedy because of the presence of methanol .


Mint leaves contain a minimum amount of fat and protein which will help you to reduce weight.


It’s leaves are considered as one type of appetizer, which helps to improve digestion.


It also cures irritable bowel syndrome and mint oil can help you to reduce constipation,stomach pain.


Some studies suggest using mint oil to improve the digestive system and reduce digestive disorders.


Mint leaves extract is used to stop bacterial growth on teeth and good to clean your oral cavity.


Mint leaves contain salicylic acid which controls the secretion of sebum oil and it helps to cure acne.


Use to cure cold and flu treatments contain menthol, a primary compound in peppermint oil.

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