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784 elephants perished in 10 years in Odisha

784 elephants perished in 10 years in Odisha: Elephant’s life is now in Danger especially in Odisha. As per the report by the forest minister, government of Odisha, nearly 784 elephants perished in Odisha in the last 10 years.

Pradip Kumar Amat said electrocution, illness, road and railway accidents, and poaching are the reasons behind the death of elephants in Odisha.

784 elephants perished in 10 years in Odisha

As per the report, between 2012-2022, a total of 784 elephants death reported due to various reasons. The highest number of elephants is due to road accidents followed by Natural death.

If we check the statistics, the condition of the elephants in Odisha is dangerous. There are many reasons behind this, but the majority are poaching and the destruction of their natural habitat- leads to natural death. Even in the state capital elephants are seen in the middle of the city. They are coming to villages/cities as their natural home is destroyed by human. Every day there is a new death from poaching is recorded in the state.

Reason Behind the Rise of Elephant Death :

There are many reason behind the deadly death of mighty jumboos in Odisha. As per the sources due to accidents like train , electricity many of the elephants dying but if we compare the death case then killing of elephants by the  predator may come first. Even the forest depart faild to neutralize them.

The other most important reason is loss of habitat. The mass cutting of forest leads to te destruction of their home. Even elephants seen on the roads of the capital city of Odisha too. So due to the change of habitat they failed to get proper food and protection that is why they are dhying.



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