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Amazing facts about Australia Continent


Amazing facts about Australia Continent: Australia is the smallest continent in the world. It is situated in the southern and the tropic of Capricorn and passes through the middle of this continent.

Australia Continent
Australia Continent

It was discovered by Captain James Cook in the year 1770.

Mountains and Peak : 

There are nearly 21,731 mountains in Australia. The highest peak in Australia is Mt. Kosciusko with a height of 2,228 meters.

Climate of Australia

Due to a specific geographical location, the climatic condition of Australia varies from place to place.

The Eastern and South-Western parts of Australia get heavy rainfall as it is very closer to the sea. While the other parts are dry and get almost very less rainfall.

Great Australia Desert : 

The largest desert in Australia is called the Great Australia Desert and it is consisting of the Simpson, the Great Victorian, the Great Sandy and the Gibson.

Agriculture :

Australians also do farming and most of the land is used for agricultural purposes. Food grains, fruits, and vegetables are being produced by Australian farmers.

Wool Production :

Australia has the largest number of sheep in the world and their fur is used to produce wool.

Famous tourist points of Australia :

Sydney Opera House

-Sydney Harbour Bridge

-Kakadu National Park

-Fraser Island

Best Beaches in Australia : The Best Beaches in Australia

Amazing facts about Australia Continent

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