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Birds left Ukraine for the fear of war


Birds left Ukraine for the fear of war:

The ongoing war in between Russia and Ukraine has become a global tension for all.Russian army started a full-scale invasion of Ukraine and targeted the major areas like police headquarter, radar to give a strong message to the Ukraine army.5 books that explain the Russia-Ukraine conflict

Both the parties are using modern warfare technologies like missiles, grenades, tanks, air forces, etc. Russian airforce also interfered with the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant which may lead to radiation.

The ongoing conflict not only created panic among humans but also among animals and birds. Due to the instance atmospheric changes, the birds like Sandwich tern, gull, alpine swift, mute swan suffer a lot.

An increase in temperature, poisonous gases, etc is becoming the major problem for the native birds of Ukraine. That’s why they are preferring to fly to other places for their survival. They are running out of food and other life-supporting materials too.

This is the condition of the war zone of Ukraine and hopes it will be solved as soon as possible otherwise the beauty of nature may not be recovered within a short period.

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