Cyclone Tauktae sends it’s regards

Cyclone Tauktae sends it’s regards

Hello Humans here is your rewards- Cyclone Tauktae replies

The massive cyclonic storm Tauktae has hit the city of Mumbai very badly causing a quick disaster and making the situation very tough.

The strong wind along with huge tidal waves threw garbage in a huge quantity and blocked several passages of water.

The wave of trash washes up at Love Grove pumping station in Worli and also near the iconic marine drive in South Mumbai.

The BMC team has collected more than 40 metric tonnes of garbage and made a way of passing water canals.You may call it a natural disaster but just think about the tons of plastic garbage which are thrown inside the sea heart, how dangerous these things are not only for humans but also for the water bodies.

Yes it’s just like ‘Every action has an equal and opposite Reaction’ and especially nature knows how to maintain the natural balancing.
This is the time for humans to think about this problem.



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