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Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary – Odisha Tourism


Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary – Odisha Tourism: Debrigarh Sanctuary has become the most popular tourist place in West Odisha. It has become the first choice of tourists, especially in Picnic season. Whether you go alone or with your family, this place is such a wonder of nature to explore.

Debrigarh Sanctuary, which is mainly located in Sambalpur district, is spread over 346.91 square kilometers. The sanctuary is home to 40 species of mammals, 20 species of birds, 40 species of reptiles, 12 species of frogs, 42 species of fishes in the reservoir, 85 species of butterflies, 38 species of spiders, medicinal plants, 250 species of trees are seen which attracts tourists as well as biology and botany.Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary - Odisha Tourism


However, Debrigarh Sanctuary, located 35 km away from Sambalpur city, has now gained a special place on Odisha’s tourism map.Near to this sanctuary you can see Hirakud Reservoir which is doubling its beauty.Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary - Odisha Tourism

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