Do dolphins speak to each other?

Do dolphins speak to each other? We all knew that only humans talk to each other in specific languages. There are many languages in the world, and to communicate messages humans use such languages. As the human brain is more developed and has enough potential to understand voice commands, our mode of communication is more developed than other animals.

Do dolphins speak to each other?

But do you know, not only humans but also many animals talk to each other? They may not use words or voice language as we use, but they also communicate with each other with special voice commands, signs, body movements, etc. That helps them to communicate with others.

A group of researchers found that Dolphins also communicate with each other. They studied their communication patterns with a specific microphone. After decoding all the voice patterns they found that it’s quite similar to humans.

There is a specific pattern of their communication. They speak out five words then take a small gap or pause for some seconds. The voice pattern is very slow which is why it can’t be hearable in the normal ear. Like the whales and dolphins do. Not only dolphins but there are many in life, who follow to communicate with their companions.

Why they use to speak :

There are various reasons behind this communication, and here are some of the possible reasons behind this.

  • – To search for food
    – Spreading messages for threats or danger
    – Friendships or staying together
    -To find their prey and food

Type of Communication:

Social Communication


Signature Whistles

Do dolphins speak to each other?
Do dolphins speak to each other?


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