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Famous Meme Dog Balltze Aka is No More


Famous Meme Dog Cheems or Balltze Aka is No More. He died on 18th of August 2023. The possible reason behind the death of this dog is cancer. After struggling with lots of pain finally he left the world.

After the news, the whole world especially the memers start quoting about the dog of their lovely friend cheems. Everybody is now feeling sad and heartbroken after the death of the meme king Balltze!

This is how the social media reacts on this news :

R.I.P #Cheems aka #Balltze Cheems, the beloved dog who became an internet sensation, has left a void in our hearts with his passing. Though he’s no longer with us, his iconic memes will continue to thrive on our devices , in our thoughts & across the digital landscape As long as this memes exists, Cheems’ legacy remains undiminished – one user quoted 

Balltze, aka Cheems, has left us. This funny yellow dog brought joy to so many. We will miss you

Farewell, Balltze aka Cheems. Your legacy will always bring us joy. May your memory continue to bring smiles. #Cheems

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