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How to start an Indoor Garden ?


How to start an Indoor Garden : Many people love to have a garden inside their homes. It not only makes the house looks beautiful but also works as a mood swinger. Plants inside the house give immense pleasure and purify the indoor air. So people choose to decorate their houses with many indoor plants.

To make an indoor garden you have to follow some steps, here are some of the tips that will give you a basic idea of How to start an Indoor Garden

To make an Indoor Garden you have to follow some tips

1. Decide a specific place- To make an indoor garden first you have to choose a specific place inside your home. The place should have proper ventilation facilities and light can pass easily. Note that, avoid direct sunlight. A place where the light and air can pass easily, an ideal place to plant trees. So first select such a place inside your home.

2. Selection of Plant – Among many indoor plants choose a specific plant as per the size of your space. If you will many big saplings within a small space then it will not look good and the plants can not grow properly.

3. Soil Selection and Preparation- Do not take normal soil for your indoor garden. Go to the nearby nursery and take some good quality soil that is fertile and good to use for gardening. It will help to grow plants normally. As you will not put chemical fertilizers in it so the soil plays an important role in the plant’s growth.

4. Fertilizers- Do not use chemical fertilizers and instead of chemicals you can add natural manure. It will not damage the soil and is also good for the plant. Add vegetable chops which are perfect manure for your indoor garden.

5. Drainage System – Make a good drainage system for your indoor garden. Do not excess water the plants and if you have plants like lucky bamboo plant that can grow only in water then change the water once a week.

6. Care – They need regular care so do visit your garden regularly and spend some time in it, it is worthy and memorable.

5 Easy Indoor Garden Ideas - Small Space Ideas
List of Indoor gardening Plants –
Mini Succulent, Peace lily, Bamboo Plant, Jade Plant, Money Plant, Anthurium, Snake Plants, etc

Importance of Indoor Garden 
Plants in the indoor garden help to purify the air and enhances the beauty of a house. It makes the house looks beautiful. It also gives peace and harmony to our souls. The beautiful garden also enhances our mental health. We can say it is a natural therapy for our body, mind, and soul.

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