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Khandadhar Waterfall Keonjhar


Khandadhar Waterfall Keonjhar : It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Odisha. It is situated in Keonjhar district, around 269 km away from the state capital of Odisha.

Deep inside the forest, it looks so attractive. The water of this spring falls vertically from a height of around 500 feet. You can hear the sound of the waterfall from the bottom of that mountain.

There is a small house on the top of that mountain near to this waterfall. You can watch the waterfall very closely.There is a sharp roadway to reach the waterfalls. The making of stairs is under process and nearly 200 numbers are done. To reach there you have to walk, as vehicles can’t go to that place.

Do not try to reach there by bike as it will be a dangerous act. Avoid taking bath as the slippery surface is very dangerous. If you want to cook food there, then this place is quite okay but not so friendly. Need more attention and adequate development much required.

The ideal time to visit: Winter is the ideal time to visit these waterfalls.

Khandadhar Waterfall Keonjhar
Khandadhar Waterfall Keonjhar

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