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Know How the Raja Festival Interlinked with Agriculture

Know How the Raja Festival Interlinked with Agriculture : Raja is a Hindu festival celebrated by the Odia people on Mithuna Sankranti. It falls in mid-June that is between 14-20 of June, every year. This is a three-day long festival, celebrated with lots of joy and happiness by the Hindu-odia people. 

The first day of Raja is called the Pahili Raja, 2nd day is called Raja Sankranti and the last day is called Sesa Raja or the End Day of the Raja festival.

Know How the Raja Festival Interlinked with Agriculture

How They Celebrate: There is a popular proverb in Odisha ‘Bara Masare Tera Parba” which means there are more than 13 festivals within the 12 months of the year. So you can understand the importance and the value of such festivals in Odisha.

The day before the Raja Festivals, young girls did makeup like mehendi on their hands and many more. On the Raja festival day, they wear new dresses, love to play “doli” (swing), and enjoy delicious foods that are served at this festival. Podapitha, is one of the favorite cum popular food of the Raja festival. 

The boys play a large variety of sports, indoor games, etc. Another group of people enjoys tasty foods with their family. We can say this festival is a feeling of brotherhood Ness and making the friendship bond stronger. 

The Main Significance of the Celebration; The Word ‘Raja’ comes from a ‘Rajas‘ which means menstruation, and those women who menstruate are called Rajeswari. Raja Festivals resemble the beginning of the menstruation of Mother Earth during the first three days. The fourth or the last day after Raja is called Vasumati Snan. This bath is a ceremonial bath just after the end of her menstruation cycle. 

Raja Festival and agriculture
But as per the reality and facts given by the Historians and culture experts, this festival is completely based on science. In this period farmers start a new farming season. In Odisha, this time is considered as the beginning of the monsoon season. So farmers start their farming preparation from this day(except on the 2nd and 4th day), which means the earth is ready for farming.

Just after Raja, the monsoon comes from Kerala and it brings rain that must be required for farming after the summer days. So after getting rainwater, it is easy to farm. Farmers start their primary preparations by making the ground reach in fertilizers, ready to farm, fertile, and light enough for the smooth growth of the plants.

Now one can easily understand the futuristic and importance of this Raja festival. Know How the Raja Festival Interlinked with Agriculture



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