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Koraput Coffee: A Success Story of Tribal Empowerment

Koraput Coffee

Koraput Coffee: A Success Story of Tribal Empowerment- Koraput district of Odisha is also known as the Heaven of Odisha. This district has many wonders of nature and is popular for its beauty. But this is not the least, Koraput is also famous for its Coffee. As per the source, Odisha is the fifth largest coffee-producing state of India, producing 550 MT.

Koraput Coffee:  A Success Story of Tribal Empowerment

Koraput coffee is not only famous within India it also has gained global recognition. The taste of this coffee is not less than the coffee of a five-star hotel. In 2017, for the first time, Koraput coffee got global recognition. Since then, the popularity of this coffee is rising.

Recently, Koraput Coffee got India’s best “natural coffee” award at the 5th World Coffee Conference in Bengaluru, proving this coffee’s quality.

International Market: Koraput coffee is the international quality and the export of coffee is also rising daily. The demand and supply are also increasing to fulfill the global demand.

Transforming Tribal Lives: Coffee of Koraput has now become an emotion, a hope for the tribal people, and a big supportive pillar for the economy. Tribal peoples are fulfilling their every need from coffee cultivation. The state government is helping them to harvest and do business from coffee. From Coffee, they are getting financial support, which is ultimately a great success for the state.



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