Major Success Stories of M/o Earth Sciences During 2021

Indias Deep Ocean Mission planningt to harness deep-oceanic resources as a part of the support system for the Blue Economy.

The government of India had taken such initiatives with an initial budget of Rs 4077 crores which were approved by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs on June 16, 2021.

Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) is the nodal Ministry to implement this multi-institutional mission to boost the blue economy.

In The Bay of Bengal, two gliders have been deployed inside the deep ocean. It will monitor the biogeochemical parameters and deep ocean, to understand and study the temporal and spatial variability of the Oxygen Minimum Zone (OMZ).
After covering a distance of 5000 km by the gliders, data will be collected to study

Both the gliders after covering a 5000 km distance are recovered and collected data was retrieved.

Accurate and timely prediction of tropical cyclones combined with groundwork by the disaster management team will help to save thousands of precious lives.

There will be some significant improvements in forecasting accuracy to forecast weather events including tropical cyclones, cold waves, fog, heatwave, thunderstorms, etc.

To reduce the causalities due to such natural calamities IMD issues three hourly nowcasts for severe weather conditions including thunderstorms and such weather phenomena for about 1084 stations and all over India



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