Nature loss has now become a major problem

Nature loss has now become a major problem in developing nations, online trends show
Google searches on nature declined to 190% in India followed by Pakistan at 88%.

Developing Countries now suffering from such major issues. It’s a man-made problem that rises to a peak.

A team of researchers analyzed the topic of the popularity of nature loss and also terms like biodiversity mentioned in various articles in 54 countries.

The study was started in 2016 and ended in the year 2020.As per their report biodiversity and nature loss increased by 16 % and the search, the percentage is highest in India that is 190%.
Now it’s because of a major issue for the world. More than millions of plant species and animals are now at risk.

 An increase in pollution, global warming, loss of biodiversity, and loss of natural habitat are some of the major causes of this big loss.

It’s time to do something to mitigate such problems and bringing a possibility of the existence of life on this earth.



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