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Seed Ball Campaign – Youth For Seva

Seed Ball Campaign - Youth For Seva

Seed Ball Campaign – Youth For Seva : The percentage of forest is gradually decreasing. To fulfill our needs we cut down the trees in a large number. Deforestation is also a major cause of forest loss – that is the main reason behind climate change.

Seed Ball Campaign – Youth For Seva

So to save nature from a huge loss, many organizations are working globally, to save mother nature. Youth For Seva is such a social organization working for the development of various sectors of society that has taken an initiative and Seed Ball Campaign is one of them. They are driving this campaign every year across India.

This year, at the beginning of the monsoon season team Youth For Seva, Odisha chapter started seed ball campaign. The volunteers of YFS, Odisha have made more than 2000 seed balls this year (2023) and threw them inside the Chandaka Forest, Bhubaneswar. The scattered seed ball will germinate after the rain and grow into a small plant after getting some water, air, and sunlight.

One day it will grow into a full-grown tree and will be the source of oxygen. This initiative not only increases the amount of forest but also helps to restore the lost greenery. Netizens appreciated such an unique step of Youth for Seva. This campaign also inspires others to take participate in this initiative to save the environment. Seed Ball Campaign - Youth For Seva



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