Summer Fruits You Must Eat

Summer Fruits You Must Eat

Basically, in Summer we have to take an excessive amount of water to stay safe from dehydration. So we know that fruits are filled with excessive amounts of water and consider as a good source of Energy.

If you are taking fruits as your daily diet then you have to choose this plan of taking them as per representative seasons.

1-WaterMelon- Summer and watermelon both are like bread-butter.

It’s not a good source of water, rather a good source of Vitamin-A and C. It has Potassium which helps to prevent muscle cramps.

It will improve your gastrointestinal health and also helps to improve skin damages.

2. Grapes-

Grapes are enriched with Antioxidants and a rich source of Potassium. It helps to cure indigestion.


It’s a good source of Potassium, Polyphenols, and vitamins. A good source of antioxidants which helps your immunity and prevents cancer also.


Mango is the national fruit of India.Its a good source of Minerals, Vitamin-A and C and contains fiber.It has zeaxanthin which helps your eyes from blue rays.


It contains Vitamin- A, C, and B6. Rich in Iron and Magnesium.Good for the liver, heart, and skin.


Guava is good for diabetic patients and improves your metabolism, improves eyesight.

7. Pineapple-

Boost Metabolism and reduce inflammation. It regulates hypertension and boosts metabolism, reduces inflammation.


You can take this fruit ripe or unripe. It contains Vitamin- A and C and also papain as well as some phytochemicals. Papaya is one of the great sources of antioxidants and helps to prevent heart diseases.


Plums are the storehouse of nutrients. It helps to relieve constipation and reduces type-2 diabetes. It has Anthocyanins which help to fight breast cancer. You can take plums while dieting as it has a low glycemic.

10.Strawberries- Strawberries packed with vitamins and fibers. It contains an antioxidant known as polyphenols, a cholesterol-free low-calorie food.

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