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The First Solar Mission of India ADITYA – L1

The First Solar Mission of India ADITYA L-1

The First Solar Mission of India ADITYA – L1 – India is now a fast-growing country in the globe. In these 10 years, India shocked the world with a remarkable progress in various fields like economics, health, technology, space science, etc.

Recently India successfully launches the Chandrayan-3 after the failure of Chnadrayan -2 and the mission is still going as it may land on the moon. Now the Chandrayan -3 moving closer to the moon as ISRO expects to have a smooth landing on the moon by Vikram.

The First Solar Mission of India ADITYA – L1

Although India still waiting to reach the moon’s surface but parallelly the team ISRO leap forward to their next plan which is ‘Mission Sun’. After Moon India’s next target is Sun – Mission Suryan.

As per the ISRO officials’ The new mission ‘Aditya -L1” is under processing and the ‘Aditya -L1” spacecraft was made at Rao Satellite Centre and brought to Sriharikota. The Aditya-L1 spacecraft has arrived at the Satish Dhawan Space Center in preparation for launch. ISRO has shared the pictures on their officials’ websites.

Aditya – L1 consists of various parts like swis, suit, papa, solexs, etc. There are a total of seven payloads on board the spacecraft. It is made up of aluminium skin and the structures are like a honeycomb sandwich.

The instruments are made to observe the corona and chromosphere of the sun. The mission will be launched by PSLV rocket from the SH Space Centre in Sriharikota. It will study the dynamics of the Sun’s upper atmosphere – ISRO report

The Aditya-1 mission scheduled for  September 2, 2023, 11:50 Hrs. IST from Sriharikota. The Launch Rehearsal – Vehicle Internal Checks are already completed.

Check some FAQs on ADITYA L-1 mission:

What is the meaning of Aditya: 

Especially the word ‘Aditya’ means “the beginning” – as we know that ‘Sun is the powerhouse of energy and our day starts from the sun rise, so they named it.

Details about ADITYA L-1 :

This is the first mission sun of ISRO. Through this mission, ISRO aims to research the Sun and Sun-Earth system. As per the report, the ISRO team planned to test this soon.

When Aditya -L 1 will be launched?

This spacecraft will be launched at the end of the August 2023 by PSLV-XL(C-57) rocket

What is the cost of Aditya -L 1 :

The total of the Aditya -L 1 is around 5.5 crores in 2018 and late in 2023, the total budget is around 378.53 crores. ( as of 2019).

First images of ‘Aditya-L1‘ Spacecraft (Sun Mission), to be launched in few weeks

The First Solar Mission of India ADITYA L-1
The First Solar Mission of India ADITYA – L1 image credit – ISRO


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