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The hot spot of natural beauty- Kalahandi

Kalahandi is a district of Odisha, situated in India. This district covers area nearly 7920 sq km .

Its climate and geographical location is the most extreme type, that made this district one of the best tourist point of Odisha. Population of this district is 1,576,869 and there are 2253 villages and 1 municipality present.

Map of District | District Kalahandi, Government of Odisha | India

Surrounded by forested hills, the natural beauty of Kalahandi district is unique. The natural environment here attracts tourists as much as the temples and historical monuments here. Whether it’s the Furjali Falls or the Jakkum Bangla or the Karlapat Sanctuary – all the tourist attractions. So let’s find out about all these tourist attractions in Kalahandi district.

Some of the Famous and most visited tourist point-



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