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The Kashmir of Odisha – Daringbadi

The Kashmir of Odisha : Odisha has many hidden secret places. Among them Koraput is considered as the store house of nature’s beauty. Starting from mountains to waterfalls, from tribal life to jungle lifestyle : Koraput has many such wonders. That is why it is called as the Kashmir of Odisha.

Daringbadi is a hill station belonging to the Kandhamal district of Odisha which is situated on the eastern side of India. Popular for its beautiful and distinct weather condition surrounded by beautiful valleys and plateaus which made this place a point for natural camps. It was named after Daring Sahib, one of the British officers who was in charge of this place. It provides a specific type of Cultural tourism, Tribal tourism, and Natural Tourism. Filled with pine trees and waterfalls it symbolizes itself as a clone of Kashmir.

Some of the famous waterfalls are the Daringbadi waterfall, Ludu waterfall, Dadubada waterfall, and Putudi waterfall. You can also enjoy trekking and jungle safari to enjoy the beauty of the Eastern Ghats and a glorifying sunset view. You can also visit Tara Tarini temple, JIramg, Satkosia Nature Camp, and the Tampara lake.

You can say it as Odisha’s top hidden secret which made Odisha an attraction of tourist points and a land filled with lots of diversity. One can also take the facilities recommended by OTDC for staying and other such facilities. You can use Panthanivas of Taptapani and Nature camps like Daringbadi and Phulbani for a better experience. This will cost you around 2500 to 5000, for an update you can check this on their website.

While visiting this place keeping in mind the specific timing, If you want to enjoy the cold weather then you have to come to this place in mid-time of the winter season for a better experience otherwise you may not feel a good experience as mentioned above in this context.

Nearest Railway Station-Berhampur
Nearest Airport-Bhubaneswar
Distance from Bhubaneswar-248 KM

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