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The Need of Urban Forest

The Need of Urban Forest

The Need of Urban Forest : Forests play a major role in the survival of living organisms. It provides almost all essential things (directly or indirectly) that are required for living organisms. It is the largest producer of oxygen and is considered the backbone of the world economy. Even the earth can not exist in the absence of forests.

The Need of Urban Forest

But as we know, in this 21st century modernization leads to the loss of forests. Due to development, industrial plants, houses, and roads, we cut down a large part of the forest area.

Especially in the urban area, the cities are now population danced need more places to live but unfortunately, the cities don’t have such a bigger place. So it forces people to expand the cities, which leads to cutting down of forest(if there is any) or cutting down of a large number of trees. So due to very less greenery, the temperature becomes too high, and less rain in the cities has also been reported. 

Forest loss: 420 million hectares (mha) of forests have been lost between 1990 and 2020, due to deforestation, though forests cover 4.06 billion ha of the earth’s geographical area.

The Need for Urban Forest: Urban areas are less dense in comparison to rural areas. In cities, you can see only concrete jungles and these areas are less forest cover. There doesn’t need to be a forest near a city, but the concept of an Urban Forest is different.

Urban Forest means , creating a greenery area in the cities. It will help to decrease the effect of global warming and pollutions too. A city with a huge amount of  tress is the need of the hour.

The Need of Urban Forest
The Need of Urban Forest


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