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This organisation in India on a Mission to Save Birds

Save Birds

This organisation in India on a Mission to Save Birds In India, the summer season usually lasts from March to June. During the time almost every animals, birds and of course we the homousians has been struggling under severe heatwave.

This organisation in India on a Mission to Save Birds

In most of the parts in India, the mercury has already touched 45 degrees Celsius. So you can realize the condition of the animals and birds, the way they are suffering from such harsh weather conditions.

Due to the lack of water during the summer season, the animals and birds fails to get enough water as most of the water source get dried, mostly in the cities. So they suffer from bad health conditions for this excess heat and dehydration.

These living organisms play a major role in maintaining the ecological balance in the environment. Losing which, the balance of the environment would endanger not only the animals but also the entire living organisms.

Save Birds Campaign
Save Birds Campaign

To protect the animals and birds from the heat ‘Youth For Seva” which is a nationwide (In India) organization working on various projects based on health, education, environment, and livelihood has taken the “Save Bird” campaign to ensure the safety of birds in the summer days.

Save Birds Campaign
Save Birds Campaign

Members of the organization have launched a Save Bird campaign to provide water to birds. They use a mud bowl, which is environment friendly. The volunteers fills the earthen bowl with water after installing it on the trees, rooftops, and other such places where the birds can drink water from it. A Volunteer of the organization from Bhubaneswar said – “Not only this, with the help of this program we have been able to save the lives of many animals by providing food during the covid pandemic”.

This organisation in India on a Mission to Save Birds
This organisation in India on a Mission to Save Birds

Instead of this, they are also taking initiatives to plant trees, and river cleaning, which is based on the environment. The main aim is to revive the ecological ecosystem and restore the green environment.

In major states like Bhubaneswar, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Delhi, this organization continues such activities and has become a source of inspiration for many youths.

They are also making seed balls, an initiative to increase the number of plants. Inside a ball made up of soil they are adding a seed and distributing them with the locals.

If you through that ball, then a plant will germinate from that ball under a proper climatic condition.

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