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Top 10 facts about Cheetah

The Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) is the fastest land animal in the world. It belongs to the family Felidae. This creature has a special fan base among wildlife lovers.

Here are the Top 10 facts about Cheetah, Have a look 

1. The cheetah was considered a deity in the ancient Egyptian civilization. The cheetah was probably worshiped as a revered god of motion at the time because of ancient Egyptian tombs and tomb paintings. A picture of a cheetah has been painted on the heavenly bed or “funerary bed” of the famous Egyptian pharaoh or ruler Tutankhamun. On this occasion, Egyptologists give their opinion that the Cheetah attained an important position as a deity in the society of the time.Egyptian Book of the Dead detail. Lion cheetahs are 'yesterday ' and 'tomorrow ' with the horizon in between | Egyptian history, Ancient egypt, Egypt art

2. The adult cheetah weighs between 21 – 72 kg. Male cheetahs are slightly bigger than females. They do not have the special two-piece bone in the throat that’s why they can’t roar like lions or tigers. Their sound is very similar to a cat’s sound.

3. The cheetah eats as much as it can eat during its hunt and runs away from the place. Like the tiger and the lion, they do not come again to the place where their prey falls. After hunting, an adult cheetah eats up to thirty pounds of meat from its prey at a time. As a result, he will not eat any food for the next five days. The other wild animals will eat the remaining part of the prey killed by the Cheetah. 

4. Cheetah’s teeth are not as sharp as tiger’s and lion’s teeth. They kill their prey by a kind of suffocation.The way in which they bite the trunk of their prey is more terrifying than a lion biting its prey. The cheetah’s single bite cuts off the victim’s respiratory tract and it dies within a second.

5. Breeding cheetahs as pets or keeping them in captivity was a difficult task at that time. Female cheetahs are highly gregarious and do not seek the companionship of any male cheetah. AI is the biggest problem in cheetah breeding. It cannot be said precisely with which male cheetah a female cheetah will establish friendship and relationship at any time out of many male-cheetahs.

6. In ancient Egypt, India, and Persia, humans used cheetahs for hunting. It is said that cheetahs can understand about fifteen instructions or commands in human language and act accordingly. In ancient times they were taken on horseback and released into the forest to hunt game. After the hunt, the trained cheetahs would return to their owner only with the lure of a meal.Cheetahs were Domesticated as House Pets in Ancient Egypt

7. Female cheetahs sometimes capture live cubs to train their cubs to hunt. Cheetahs start hunting when they are eighteen months old. Sometimes they go hunting for cattle by mistake.

8. The Mughal emperor Akbar was a very cheetah-loving narrator. During his reign, he celebrated thousands of cheetahs. Although there were thousands of cheetahs, the palavadi or “litter” he built for the birth of the cheetah cubs was unusually only one. From the fact that only one palavadi was prepared for the breeding of thousands of cheetahs, it can only be assumed that the breeding of cheetahs was not such an easy and natural thing then.

9. Cheetahs are very fast and also the fastest land animal in the world. They can run at a speed of 80 to 128 km/hr. Usually, they hunt during the daytime. They often hunt wildebeest or antelope on the Uihunka. The retina of their eyes contains a wide and highly sensitive membrane that helps them see their surroundings clearly and accurately. They can see accurately and clearly over an area of ​​about two miles.

10. The last thing about cheetahs is that cheetahs purr like cats, chirps like dogs, and yelp like dogs, but they are never physically able to growl despite being quite agile in their movements. But if you catch a cheetah with you, even if it is not as quick as a human, it is roaring, more roaring.

Top 10 facts about Cheetah
Top 10 facts about Cheetah

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