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Toxic foam floats on Yamuna as Delhi gasps to breathe clean air

Pictures of toxic foam that are floating on the Yamuna river reflects the increase in pollutants. As per the sources, these are the high level of phosphate present in the waste, which creates such foams after mixing with the water.

Devotees take a holy dip in toxic foam on the occasion of Chaat puja. This goes viral on social media platforms and users troll the current Delhi government.

This is not only the major issue for Delhi, along with this poor air quality hits hard for them.

An increase in air pollution puts the Delhiites in a dangerous condition. If they will failed to reduce the level of pollution as soon as possible then this may destroy entirely the country’s capital within a short period.

Is it possible to stop the pollution?
Yes, why not. If other states are using green energy and renovating the water sources for the future then it’s should be done in Delhi.

People should stop using such chemical shops that may create such pollution.

Water coming from households should not be drained into the river.

Water department should create awareness among people about this problem.

The river is the backbone of our economy. We
have to save it by hock or crook.




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