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Vastu Shastra tips for placing a money plant at home

At home, there are various types of problems that arise like financial problems, health problems, family quarrels, disturbances, etc. We can solve these problems by taking the bits of help of the Bastu or astrology.Money plant helps to solve such issues.

Money plants are one of the few plants that can cure many of your problems. So let’s find out its proper uses.

According to Vastu Shastra, financial problems can arise if the money plant is not planted in the right direction at home. So always keep it in the southeast corner.

According to the Bastu Shastra, the angle of fire is the most suitable direction for planting money plants in the house. Putting money plants in this direction increases positive energy.

Sunday is also very important in terms of material as well as sun worship, on this day the plant also gets the blessing of Mother Lakshmi by doing something like this.

How to maintain the money plant?

Money plants will grow easily in a water- filled vessel. Always use fresh water and remove the muddy water two times a week.

The best place to put the money plant is the partial shade region. So always keep it in a place where it receives partial sunlight.

Trim the plant regularly and cut the unhealthy parts of the plant.

Remove or cut the wilted leaves that may damage the healthy part of the plant.

Use good quality soil and use natural fertilizers.

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