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What is the importance of saving nature?


What is the importance of saving nature? ; We all know living organisms cannot survive without nature. It is the backbone of life and for this, the earth becomes the only planet where life can possible. That is why we consider nature as ‘Mother’. So we have to save and protect nature.

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Here are some of the major point that says ,

What is the importance of saving nature? 

Life-Saving Matter: Nature provides us with every necessary thing like air, water, soil, food, etc. All these are natural and cannot be produced artificially. That is why nature assets are called the ‘ Natural Capital’ of the world.

Balance of our Ecosystem:  To save the balance of our ecosystem we have to take proper care of Nature. A little bit of damage can affect the ecosystem. Then it directly breaks the balance of the food chain. Once the food chain breaks then it will start the early loss of balance in nature. Not only humans but also all living and non-living matter will be affected and indirectly it will affect nature.

Backbone of the Economy : The forests, rivers, and mountains are the sources and the pillar of the world’s economy. A major part of the world’s economy depends upon these 3 sectors. They provide all the necessary resources for our economy. Starting from fossil fule, air energy, coal, water, etc all are the most important for the growth of an Economy.

Avoid Exploitation of Natural Resources: Nature is a treasure house of many Natural resources. Food, medicine, air, water, etc are only natural and Nature is the only producer of these elements. So we have to save all of our natural resources.

Threat to Nature: There are many threats to mother nature. In these advanced or modern days, we damage nature to fulfill our demands. Cutting trees creates deforestation, and excess use of fossil fuels increases the pollutants and causes global warming. Industrial wastage causes air and water pollution. So to make our life easier we directly or indirectly damage mother nature.

How we can save Nature: To save nature first we have to be conscious then we have to create awareness in a broad way. Let’s spread awareness of the importance of nature. Follow the 3R concept that Reduces, Reuse, and Recycle.

Use less fossil fuel and focus on green energy like solar, hydro, and wind energy. We should focus more on renewable energy sources. As they are safe and environmentally friendly.

Climate change is the biggest challenge while we are talking about nature conservation. Problems like Global Warming, Acid rain, GHG, and Biological Oxygen Demand are major tension and they can not be solved by a few. The world together has to think, plan and act for saving nature. 

Natural sites like conservation areas and wildlife zones should be taken care of properly. Laws related to nature should be followed and implemented strictly. So that lawbreakers may not think to break it again. Starting from ants to the mountain every one has a role in nature, So we have to care for all of them without any discrimination. 

But in modern days misuse of Nature leads to many natural or man-made hazards. So we have to think it becomes too late. Think now save today.

What is the importance of saving nature?
What is the importance of saving nature?
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Quotes on Nature Conservation : 

Save Nature and Save Life 

You need Nature and but Nature does not Need You

The biggest threat to nature is humans!

Preserve nature, Conserve nature, and Protect nature.

Peace can be found only in nature, if you destroy this then you may lose Peace.

If you honour nature then she will honors you!

Be a protector, not a destroyer, Save mother nature.

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