What Would Happen If There Were No Trees On Earth?

What Would Happen If There Were No Trees On Earth? – The living organism can not survive without nature. The wind, water, oxygen, sunlight, etc are the basic component to stay alive here on the earth. In the absence of all these mater, one can not think about its existence.

A world without trees?

There are more than 3.04 trillion on the Earth. As we know that tree gives us oxygen, and food, removes carbon from the atmosphere, shelter, etc.

Loss of Oxygen:

Without the tree, the earth will not get Oxygen that will directly destroy the living organism.

No Tree No Rain :

If there is no tree then there will be no rain. The tree provides water vapors to the atmosphere and makes the air cool. Without trees there will be a sudden fall in the rain and the entire area will become a desert without rain. In some countries, they are applying natural methods to do artificial rain.

Lack of Food : Tree is the main source of food for a living organism. They eat various parts of a tree like leaves, flowers, fruits, stems, roots, etc as their food. It plays a vital role in the food chain process. So without trees, there will be no food, and no food means no life.

Rise of Temperature: Due to less tree , the Green House effect will increase the temperature, leading to Global Warming. The temperature will rise faster and no living organisms can survive with that extensive heat. It may leads to the end of life on earth!

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