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Which animal does not drink water?


Which animal does not drink water? – Living organisms can not survive without water. Water plays a very important role like helping in digestion, keeping a normal temperature, helping in excretion, getting rid of waste, and many more. Without water, some can survive for two to three days or maybe more. 

But some can survive without water or barely drink water. 

Which animal does not drink water?

The Kangaroo Rat is an animal that can survive without water. They have long tails, small ears, and big eyes. They adopt them to live in extremely high temperatures or desert locations, where there is no water availability. 

As per the report; There is no water present in their body. They are mostly found in the desert areas and due to their adaptation, they made their body to survive in such situations.

They mostly eat dry seeds of desert grasses, sometimes small insects also – and from those seeds/insects they get their needed moisture. 

They live inside the ground which helps them to keep their body from the direct sunlight to avoid dehydration. Most of the time especially in the daytime they prefer to stay underground and come out to search for their food at night.  

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Kangaroo Rat
Kangaroo Rat
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