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World Environment Day 2021: History, significance and theme

World Environment Day 2021: History, significance and theme

History of World Environment Day :-
World Environment Day is celebrated on the 5th of June every year. It is one of the biggest events organized by the United Nation to create an awareness drive to save the environment.
In 1972 The United Nations Assembly established World Environmental Day for the first time on the human environment. The theme was ‘Only One Earth” and after that, it spread all over the world. People and various organizations started campaigns to create awareness and started working to save the environment.

Significance of World Environment Day- The main significance of this day is to highlight the importance and ways through which we can save the environment. Leading ways and modern scientific solutions are needed to make it possible. Starting from school level children to the elderly people, everyone should have to think about this. Which will help the concerned department to do it easily. As a citizen and as a responsible person we must create a good vibe among people by sharing thoughts for nature and the environment.

Theme of  World Environment Day 2021;-

The theme of this year’s Environment Day is “Ecosystem restoration” intending to save the environment by hook or cook.
Climate change destroyed the ecosystem completely. Temperature rise, Increase of Greenhouse gases, natural calamities now become the cause of headache for human beings. Millions of plants were cut down by people, the land now converted to dry and unusable for farming. So we have to stop it before it becomes too late.

What is an ecosystem?
An ecosystem is a specific geographic area where both plants and animals live together, otherwise, it is also known as the structural and functional unit of ecology where the living organisms interact with each other and also with the surrounding environment.

Types of Ecosystem-
As per different habitats, several types of ecosystems can be formed. But in general, there are two types of ecosystems present.
1.Aquatic Ecosystem-
A.Freshwater Ecosystem – Lentic, Lotic, Wetlands
B. Marine Ecosystem

2.Terrestrial Ecosystem-
A. Forest Ecosystem
B. Mountain Ecosystem
C. Grassland Ecosystem
D. Desert Ecosystem

What is ecosystem restoration?

Ecosystem restoration means covering or restoring the damaged region of the environment. By cleaning oceans, rivers, increasing lost forest lands by planting trees. Decrease the amount of deforestation and converting the unusable lakes and rivers as usable. All these activities may be broad or maybe a single person but the result will be worthy for us. The only aim to save the environment.



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