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World’s largest iceberg breaks off in Antarctica


The world’s largest iceberg named A-76 broke off from Antarctica. This iceberg, equal to thrice the size of Delhi, split off the western side in Antarctica’s Weddell Sea, ESA said.

The Ronne Ice Shelf is one of the biggest floating Ice Sheets which was spotted by the British Antarctic Survey. It has an area of around 4,320sq. It joins previous world record holder A-23A which is nearly 3,880 sq. km.
Due to global warming these sheets of iceberg melting down rapidly. This zone is warming faster than any other section of the globe that’s why resulting in the melting of snow and retreat of glaciers. Due to this the sea level is increasing rapidly and impacting the weather directly.
The average sea level of this zone has risen more than 9 inches since 1880 according to a study published in Nature.
A study of 15 countries and 84 scientists say the dangerous impact of the high-level percentage of Greenhouse Gases is the main cause of Global warming.

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