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10 Animals You Can See in Antarctica

10 Animals You Can See in Antarctica

10 Animals You Can See in Antarctica : We all knew that Antarctica is one of the coldest places in the world. The temperature always in minus conditions. Due to such climatic conditions, few of the animal species can survive there.Due to adaptation such living organisms made their body to survive in such extremely low-temperature conditions.

10 Animals You Can See in Antarctica

Here is the list of rare animals in Antarctica

1. Chinstrap Penguins
2. Killer Whales
3. Southern Fur Seal
4. Adelie Penguins
5. Skua
6. Crabeater Seal
7. Cape Pigeon
8. Snowy Sheathbill
9. Elephant Seals
10.Wandering AlbatrossAntarctica Wildlife

How these animals Surviving :
These animal species are not new to the Antarctica region. They have been there for a long time. Due to the adaptation they genetically developed and change their habits.

They have a thick layer of body fat below their skin. It helps them to provide warmth. The thick layer of fur also helps them to protect their body from extreme cold.

10 Animals You Can See in Antarctica
AA10 Animals You Can See in Antarctica

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