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20 Types of Betta Fish


20 Types of Betta Fish – Betta or Siamese fighting fish which is also known as Fighter Fish is a small, colorful freshwater fish that can grow easily. It’s a territorial fish so if they put together then they may fight with each other for their territory.

This is the most common aquarium pet fish category people love to keep inside their homes or office. It doesn’t need an oxygen machine, if you provide them with good nutrient food then they can grow easily. But there are various types of Betta fish can be available in the market. Some of them are low cost while some are costly. The price range of the betta fish is around $5 to 30 dollars.

20 Types of Betta Fish

Here is the list of the most common Betta fish type as per their tail and color.

1.Halfmoon Betta
2.Full Moon Betta
3.Elephant Ear Betta
4.Veiltail Betta
5.Rosetail Betta
6.Blue Betta Fish
7.Green Betta Fish
8.Red Betta Fish
9.White Betta Fish
10.Purple Betta Fish
11.Dragon Scale Betta
12.Butterfly Betta
13.Over-half Moon
14.Super Delta
15.Feather Tail
16.Yellow Betta
17.Cambodian Betta
18.Dalmatian Betta
19. Black Orchid Betta
20. Crown Tail Betta

20 Types of Betta Fish

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