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5 Animals Only Found in India

5 Animals Found Only in India is one the most searched term in social media. Did you know really is there animal that only found in India ? Then read the full blog to know.

India is the eighth most biodiverse nation in the world. It is the home to a large variety of animals and birds. Some of them are very rare and only seen in India.

Many unique animals are also in danger and listed as endangered species as per IUCN. Here is the list of such rare animals that are only found in India.

5 Animals Found Only in India

1. Royal Bengal Tiger – The Royal Bengal Tiger or the biggest wild cat in the world is mostly found in India and some parts of Bangladesh. A grown-up male Bengal Tiger can size up to 420 pounds. There are nearly 2,500 Royal Bengal tigers in the world and their population is gradually decreasing. 

2. Asiatic lion – The Asiatic lion (Panthera leo persica) is only found in India and is also known as the Indian lion. Asiatic lions have a short, sparse, and darker mane than African lions. 

 3. Indian Elephant- The Indian Elephant (Elephas maximus indicus) is the native animal to mainland Asia and a subspecies of the Asian Elephant. Since 1986 this species of elephant has been listed under the IUCN Red List.

4. Nilgir Tahr- Nilgiri Tahr can be found in the Western Ghats region. It is the state animal of Tamil Naidu, India. It can be seen in some parts of Kerala and southern India.

5. Sanagi Deer – The Sangai Deer is the state animal of Manipur. This is s subspecies of the Eld’s Deer, which is also known as Manipur brow-antlered deer. 5 Animals Only Found in India

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