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5 Plant That Produces Oxygen at Night 

5 Plant That Produces Oxygen at Night 

5 Plant That Produces Oxygen at Night – Plants do photosynthesis in the daytime. By using solar energy, they produce their food and release oxygen into the atmosphere. But at night they need oxygen to survive, as they can’t do photosynthesis at night so they uptakes oxygen and releases carbon dioxide. 

But did you know some plants can produce oxygen at night? Yes! Some plants can produce oxygen 24 hours a day. These plants are called as ‘Air Plants’. So people prefer to keep them inside the house, office, etc. 

5 Plant That Produces Oxygen at Night

Here is the list of plants that produces oxygen at night 

Snake Plant – The Snake Plant is another popular indoor plant. It can grow in the absence of sunlight and can produce oxygen all day. It also cleans the indoor air and acts as an air purifier. That is why it considers a very popular houseplant.

Aloe Vera –Aloe Vera plants are mostly known as medicinal plants. People use them to treat various diseases. It helps to fight against several skin diseases. It grows even indoors, in the absence of Sun Light. It also releases oxygen even at night.

Money Plant – People think that painting a money plant is considered holy and helps to increase wealth. It’s a good air purifier. It’s an evergreen indoor plant that produces oxygen even at night. People prefer this plant to have it in their homes, offices. This plant requires less care than others.

Weeping fig – The Weeping Fig is the most listed indoor plant. It can produce oxygen all day. This beautiful plant looks attractive and also helps to purify the indoor air. 

Lucky Bamboo – Lucky Bamboo Plant is one of the top sell indoor plants. Starting from offices to home there is a special place for this plant. Many people have this plant just to decorate their homes. As an indoor plant, it can grow without direct sunlight. Just add a little bit of water, it can grow slowly and easily. It also helps to refresh the indoor air and act as a natural air purifier.

5 Plant That Produces Oxygen at Night 



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