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7 Rare Facts About Sun Bear


7 Rare Facts About Sun Bear – Recently a video of a bear that looks like a man in a bear costume goes viral on Social media. As per the media report that may be from a zoo in China. Some of the visitors say that the zoo authority made a prank on them. It was a Sun Bear (Helarctos malayanus) that looks different than other bears.

After that many zoos in the UK, and Australia is now sharing the videos and photos of Sun Bear kept inside their zoo. Netizens asked various questions about this bear. So check here to know more

7 Rare Facts About Sun Bear

Sun Bear is a Smallest Bear breed belonging to the family Ursidae. They are also called Malayan bears.

They live in tropical forest areas, especially in Southeast Asia – the Sothern Parts of China, Indonesia, and India.

They can grow up to 70 cm with a weight of around 25-65 kg (60-150 pounds)

Sun Bear looks different than other bear breeds. They have less body fat than other bear species.

The size of a Sun Bear is half the size of an American Black Bear.

There is a yellow-white patch right on the chest which is the reason behind the name ‘Sun Bear’.

As per IUCN RED LIST – they come under the ‘Vulnerable’ category.

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