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Amazon View Point of India

Amazon View Point of India

Amazon View Point of India : In India, one can find many hidden places that are not so popular. Starting from rivers to mountain ranges, the beauty of nature wonders in India is a must thing to explore. Among such hidden treasure have you ever listen about “amazon View Point of India” Did you know that in India there is a place which is known as ‘Amazon View Point of India’?

Amazon View Point of India

Edavanna, Malappuram is known as the ‘Amazon View Point of India’. This is because the Chaliyar River when seen from the hilltop looks as spectacular as the Amazon River. It is situated in Chathalloor Malappuram district Kerala.

On the top of the mountain, you can see the Chaliyar river passing inside the dense forest area that resembles the Amazon river. People came here to explore and enjoy the scenery of this place.

Amazon View Point of India
Amazon View Point of India

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