Biggest Environmental Issues Affecting America

Biggest Environmental Issues Affecting America

The Environment plays a vital role in the existence of life on earth. All living things need a clean and healthy environment to live and survive easily.

Everyone knows that America is the most developed country on the Globe. But still, it suffers from major environmental problems. Despite several steps and hundreds of measures still, this progress is not resultative. It includes deforestation, Invasive species, climate change, nuclear accidents, pollution, overpopulation, etc.Rudraksh Group tells us why America is still the best country to migrate to

As per the report USA now becoming the most significant emitter of dangerous greenhouse gasses.USA is in second place in the emission of CO2. According to a study,46% of deaths in the USA are because of cancer and heart. Now you can imagine the condition of the Environment of the USA. Due to Global warming global surface temperature is increasing rapidly. This brings other issues like Acid rains, Melting of Glaciers, and emission of greenhouse gasses.
In 2019 the United States produced 6.6BMT of CO2 equivalent to Greenhouse Gas, second after China.What is Environmental Degradation? Envirotech Online

Every American household produced around 65% of garbage. Where 79% of waste is related to general and 17% is hazardous waste. An increase in plastics and composite materials and some synthetic materials also causing land pollution.6 Huge American Landfills and the People Who Live Nearby

Deforestation is the most dangerous element for the USA’s environment. The report says that the USA lost 75% of virgin forests which causes loss of biodiversity and creating other several health hazards.Deforestation - Causes, Effects and Solutions To Clearing of Forests - Conserve Energy Future

Since more than 26% of all types of energy used by the USA is of fossil fuels which cause environmental issues. Coastal regions of America are now affected by the massive change in the PH level of ocean water. The burning of fossil fuels, the industrial revolution is now making the ocean water acidified which leads to no more use of such water. That damages the sea organism’s existence and changes the biological balancing of sea life.Trump Puts the Fossil Fuel Industry's Bottom Line Over the American People - Institute for Policy Studies

Nuclear weapon experiment is another cause of rapid environmental issues. Like the Three Mile Island accident in 1979. This should be taken into attention.

17,998 Nuclear Weapon Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock
Apart from this some other factors like the use of Pesticides, Electronic waste, Mining, Invasive species, and increase in pollution make the environment of America worse than ever.



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