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CO2 emissions of India : Challenges and Action

CO2 emissions of India

CO2 emissions of India : Challenges and Action

World’s biggest challenge is Global Warming. Yes, the way the temperature of Earth’s surface increasing now has become a headache for the globe. There are so many causes which are bringing this tactic issue to make the globe suffer from the temperature of the sun.

The main reason is CO2 emission. Here is the list of some countries and their CO2 emission per capita in Tons.
CO2 Emissions per Capita in Tons- 
United States-15.52
Germany- 9.44
United Kingdom-5.55
United Arab Emirates-23.37

China is the world’s largest contributing country to CO2 emissions. It has chosen the alternative to reduce the amount of CO2 but has not succeeded yet. That’s why it’s a contribution to making others suffer.
But India changes a lot. Now it going to be the World’s leading renewable energy producer. If you compare India and China as per the demographic status India set an example to reduce CO2 emission. Where China has 7.38 and In India, It’s only 1.91.

Like India, other developing countries should take such steps to control the amount of CO2 emission.

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