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Delhi Air Pollution: A Lesson for the Globe : Know Why?

Delhi Air Pollution

Delhi Air Pollution: A Lesson for the Globe is the most important thing to discuses –  As we all know that The Capital city of India facing the biggest challenge ever in history. The air quality touches AQI 412 which is the worst and the dense smoke covers the entire city and People flocking to doctors.

Due to the risk of health issues, the schools are shut down by the administration except 10th and 12th. To reduce the pollution level govt. once again the odd-even concept, crackers are banned.

Delhi Air Pollution: A Lesson for the Globe

The reason behind the sudden rise of Pollution:

As it’s the heart of the nation, the city is dense as per the pollution ratio. So, the excess population is the main reason behind the sudden rise in pollution.

The rise of industries ultimately increased the amount of harmful chemicals or gasses in the air, which made the air unhealthy and polluted.

Public transport is not widely accepted and still, a huge part of travelers use personal transport method instead of public transport.

An increase in construction and destruction of old houses also increase the smog and dust in the air.

Delhi Air Pollution
Delhi Air Pollution

What lesson we should Learn From this Issue:

This is not happening with only Delhi; this is a global problem and Delhi is just an example. The increase in pollution, it may be air, water, or any other – is the primary thing that is damaging our ecosystem and the living organisms facing the issue badly.

An increase in pollution causes health hazards, destruction of the ecosystem, loss of life, and many more.

So to stop this global problem the whole world should think and act as soon as possible. This is the not time to think or plan, this is the best time to work- to make the earth a safe place to live.

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