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Details About Kans grass or Saccharum spontaneum

Details About Kans grass or Saccharum spontaneum

Kans flower of Kans grass or wild sugarcane belongs to the plant kingdom. It is a perennial grass that grows up to two-three meters.

This white flower creates a nightmare of clouds that touches the ground. It makes the ground looks more beautiful like a cover of snow that covered the entire earth.

In Indian regions like Odisha and West-bengal, this flower has different identification. It symbolizes the starting of the Puja/Festive season and welcomes Autumn. People love to surround themselves with these lovely white blooming flowers.

In Odisha especially Cuttack is famous for its rich cultural and festive atmosphere. Apart from West-bengal Cuttack is considered as one of the best festive points of Odisha.

In Cuttack around more than 150-160, no puja mandap was found. Now you can imagine the feeling of people of Odisha associated with festivals.

The different names of Kans flower
Bengali- Kash
Odia- Kasatandi
Scientific Name- Saccharum Spontaneum

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