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Facts about purple-rumped sunbird


Facts about purple-rumped sunbird : The purple-rumped sunbird (Leptocoma zeylonica) is mostly found in parts of the Indian subcontinent.

1.It belongs to the family Nectariniid, Genus-Leptosome

2.These birds are very small in size that is less than 10cm.

3.They mostly feed on nectar but sometimes take small insects at the time of feeding young birds.

4.The male bird is bright in color whereas females are yellow to buff below.

Purple-rumped Sunbird - male
Purple-rumped Sunbird – male

5.They build a hanging pouch nest which is made up of lichens, cobwebs, and other plant materials.

6.The female bird lays an egg inside the nest and holds eggs for up to 18-19 days.

7.After the completion of the hatching process, the little bird came out of the cell.

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