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Friends and Nature Quotes


Friends and Nature Quotes : Nature is our best friend and philosopher. She helps us in many aspects like when we feel depressed we love to spend some time in the lap of nature, as it helps to calm our mind and heart. Here are some quotes that say the important bond between humans and nature.

That is why some philosophers say “Nature is our friend, philosopher, and guide “.Here are some best Quotes that is on Nature and Friend or Friendship

Friends and Nature Quotes

1. Dear Nature! For you I am alive, For You, I can feel the Life

2. Whenever I feel upset, I went to the nearby field. Has a fruitful discussion with me and my friend nature, all my sorrow vanished away after some moment – that is why I love the nature

3. Beauty attracts the eye, and Nature attracts our soul. The bond is real and evergreen

4. The wind help to remove my stress, the sound of birds heals the pain in my heart, the sun makes me feel strong, and the sky pushes me to stand strong. That’s the power and positiveness of Nature.

5. Do not wonder for peace, just watch you’re surrounding closely and think for a while – the peace is there and you need to feel it once.

6. The beginning of our life is with nature and off-course the end also. Let’s make it our friend, philosopher, and guide.

Friends and Nature Quotes
Friends and Nature Quotes


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