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Fun Facts About Flowers


Fun Facts About Flowers. Flowers are the most beautiful and costliest things on the Earth. Its beauty and fragrance are a thing to enjoy. There are more than 369,400 flowering plants present on the earth. They are otherwise known as Angiosperms.

Starting from the microforms of plant species to the large plant species, each flower has some different and distinct qualities.Some of the largest flower plants are Cycads, Conifers, Mosses, etc. We use flowers for several purposes. Starting from insects to humans, everyone uses flowers for different purposes. Directly or indirectly we depend upon flowers for food, medicine, beauty products, etc.

Fun Facts About Flowers

List of some Interesting Flowers of The World:-

Largest Flower- Rafflesia arnoldii
Smallest Flower- Wolffia Spp
Most Dangerous Flower- Caster Oil Plant
Rarest Flower- Middlemist Red
Most Fragrant Flower- Jasmine
Most popular Flower- Rose
Costly Flower- Shenzhen Nongke Orchid


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