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Giant 75 Kg ‘Telia Bhola’ Fish Caught in Sunderbans River, Sold For Over Rs 36 Lakh

Giant 75 Kg ‘Telia Bhola Fish Caught in Sunderbans River Sells For Rs 49,000 Per Kilo

The millionaire made the fish. A rare oily fish caught in a fishing net at the Digha estuary in West Bengal. Ten fishermen went fishing with a trawler at the mouth of the river, while 33 fish caught in the net.

Vikas Barman and many of his team’s fishermen have been fishing for a long time in the Sundarbans in 24 districts of West Bengal. Now the goddess of fortune is pleased with them. Vikas and his team have caught a huge ‘Telia Bhola’ fish. They put in all the energy and ability to catch this huge fish.

They took her to a nearby fish market after she fell into a fishing net. The price of fish in the market has been rising rapidly. The 6-foot-long fish was eventually sold for Rs 3.4 million. The fish was bought by an organization called KM4P in Kolkata. It sells for Rs 4,300 per kg. So what is the reason for the sale of Telia Bhola fish at such a high price? It is said that this fish has some valuable sources in its stomach, which makes its price skyrocketing.
After the fishermen brought the fish to the shore and called for an auction, 33 fish were sold for Rs 1 crore. The fish was reportedly bought by a Calcutta-based pharmaceutical company. The 33 fish weighed 40 kilograms. The fish sold for Rs 12,400 per kg.



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