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Global Wind Day


Global Wind Day is an annual day, celebrated on 15th June worldwide by the EWEA (European Wind Energy Association). This day remind us of the importance of wind as a source of renewable energy and the role that wind plays in the survival of living organism.

Global Wind Day

History of Global Wind Day: In 2007, The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) started Global Wind Day for the first time.

Global Wind Day Significance: Today the world is suffering from pollutants, Greenhouse effects, etc. To mitigate the ongoing pollution the world is now switching to green and clean energy, which ultimately decreases greenhouse emissions and can reduce the pollution level.

So the main aim of this day is to raise awareness on the proper utilization, and use of wind energy. Global Wind Day is to spread an awareness campaign about the importance of wind. It also provides many opportunities for the world to use wind energy for the development of the world.

  • To encourage the world to use wind energy, as it is a green and renewable energy source.
  • To reduce the greenhouse effects the world should think and plan to put more focus on green energy like wind.Global Wind Day

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Quotes of Global Wind Day Global Wind Day

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