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Golden Mango Fish Real or Fake


Golden Mango Fish Real or Fake ; Arothron meleagris, commonly known as the guineafowl puffer can inflate thanks to a rapid gulping of water into a distensible stomach, which stretches its elastic skin and promotes the erection of small spinules. This pufferfish is mostly seen in the Indo-Pacific and Eastern Pacific areas.

Golden Mango Fish Real or Fake

They look like a ball with many small white spots on their body surface and golden spots can be seen in the case of golden puffer. The head of this fish is round and when it is frightened then it makes its body larger. That is a mode to prevent and protect them from their enemies.

Why it is called as Mango Fish:
The color of golden puffer fish is light yellow and its size is similar to mangoes, so people also called it a mango fish. There are other varieties of puffer fish of different colors that can be seen. But due to a recent viral video, it came to the limelight, users search it as yellow mango fish.

Are puffer fish poisonous?
The Arothron meleagris is one of the most poisonous fish found on the earth and the poison of this fish can kill you under circumstances. Puffer fish may contain tetrodotoxin and/or saxitoxin which can cause severe illness and death. So it is better to do not touch it at any cost.

Golden Mango Fish Real or Fake

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