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Hidden beach of Mexico – Playa del Amor


Hidden beach of Mexico – There is a stunning ‘Hidden beach’ otherwise known as Playa del Amor present in Mexico, situated just near the coast of the Riviera Nayarit, 22 nautical miles west of Puerto Vallarta. Even after lots of controversies this place has become one of the most extraordinary destination sites of Mexico.

As per some reports, this has been formed due to exploitation in the 1900s, in fact before long back originally formed by volcanic activity which made it as caves on the islands. A lead by Scientist Jacques Cousteau started a protest against any such kind of military test on this location. Finally, this island declared as a National park, Parque Nacional Islas Marietas having all the adventures activities.The size of this island is nearly six feet of space and invisible from the outside due to its distinct physical appearance.

There is a rumor circulated on social media that the government is going to sell the islands, but even after some controversy, the islands were reopened in August 2016 and now become a global destination point.

You can find beautiful wildlifes there. Near the beach, one can see dolphins, eels, turtles, humpback whales, blue-footed boobies, and some sea birds.Location- Islas Marietas , Mexico

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 The hidden beach, Mexico
The hidden beach, Mexico – pc- Reddit
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